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  • Added: March 30, 2019

  • Location: International (Outside of USA)

  • State: United Kingdom

  • Phone: +44(0)7730514525

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  • Date Available: 03-30-19

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  • Handler Type: Explosives Detection


MOBILE NUMBER UK: +44(0)7730514525
MOBILE NUMBER YEMEN: +967 (0)711868033
HOME UK: 01698-644323

Highly experienced, loyal and professional individual who has over 20 years’ experience working in a disciplined uniformed service within a high security environment. Well respected by my colleagues throughout the U.K and seen as a highly motivated dog handler/ trainer with a proven track record in my specialized field. Integrate well at all levels and a committed team player. My ability, knowledge and skills allow me to work within a team working environment and on my own with minimal or no supervision. Always willing to rise to a challenge and strive to excel in every task that is given to me. Listening to others advice and guidance is one of my many attributes along with being able to work and communicate within a team of multi management structure. Excellent sick record.
Work Experience
May 2018 to Dec 2018 – Dynasafe – Kennel Master – Yemen
• Initial set up and organising of EDD element of project
• Oversee day to day deployment of dog teams to operational posts
• Schedule monthly operational detail
• Conduct / schedule continuation and environmental training
• Organise validation for all teams
• Oversee all documentation/records are up to date
• Check and send monthly documents to HQ
• Manage /handle/store EDD training kit
• Oversee kennel sanitation and dog welfare checks are carried out and recorded
• Produce system for entry exit procedures of staff/local nationals and visitors to the base.
• Deal with any other matters which may arise.
• This is a not an exhaustive list and only covers a fraction of duties carried out.
• Dog section made up of Filipino dog handlers

April 2017 to April 2018 – Dynasafe – Project Manager – Afghanistan
• Oversee day to day deployment of dog teams to operational posts
• Schedule monthly operational detail
• Send monthly time sheets to HQ
• Manage budget and send weekly /monthly cash book and funds requests
• Oversee continuation/environmental training for EDD and NDD teams
• Meet with client and other parties to discuss operational issues that may have arisen
• Organise validation for all teams
• Oversee all documentation/records are up to date
• Oversee kennel sanitation and dog welfare checks are carried out and recorded
• Deal with any other matters which may arise.
• This is a not an exhaustive list and only covers a fraction of duties carried out.
• Dog section made up of mainly Turkish dog handlers

2014 to April 2017 – CHILPORT U.K. –Kennel Supervisor – Nigeria
• Day to day management of the kennel complex
• Management and deployment of 42 dog handlers made up of Federal Police officers and Company Security Handlers
• Detailing and operational deployment
• Training of handlers and dogs
• 17 patrol dogs, 5 x explosive detection dogs, 6 x narcotics detection dogs and one passive detection narcotics dog for searching people
• Attend weekly security meeting and any security briefings
• Advise on any operational matters which may arise
• I wrote a working protocol document for the scanning dogs
• Operation encompassed a large gas plant, entry/ exit points ,a domestic airport , passenger ferry , residential area and large bulk fuel tankers

2012 to 2014 – AEGIS – K9 E.D.D. Handler/trainer – Iraq
• Maintain contract working dog to highest standard of operational efficiency.
• Provide search capability for both buildings/open areas/vehicles.
• Ensure continuation training is conducted to keep C.W.D. up to operational level.
• Complete training records and all relevant operational documentation.
• Ensure that all matters pertaining to welfare of C.W.D. are maintained on a daily basis.
• Set up and carry out training exercises for all E.D.D Teams
• Provide medical and security support in the event of an incident within the compound/base.
• Perform other tasks and duties outside of canine operations as directed by Project Directorate.
• Pass E.D.D Validation test set by the AEGIS Dog Unit – Projects Manager.
1996 to 2012 – H.M.P. Wakefield/H.M.P. Frankland
Dog Section
Home Office Certified Patrol Dog Handler.
• Preventing escapes.
• Containing and dispersing any actions of indiscipline.
• Searching for missing persons or property.
• Completing routine patrols of the establishment e.g. visual deterrent.
• Completing vehicular searches.
• Completing high risk escorts
• Assisting in full establishment lock downs.
• Dealing with riots, K9 assistance and intervention.
Home Office Certified Drug Dog Handler.
• Searching prison visitors
• Searching members of staff
• Searching inmates
• Completing routine area searches
• Searching incoming mail
• Completing intelligence led searches
Home Office Certified Arms and Explosives Dog Handler.
• Completing routine and intelligence led area searches.
• Searching incoming mail.
• Searching all high-risk prisoners’ property and living quarters.
• Ensuring awareness of safe operating systems.
• Searching suspect vehicles/packages.
Home Office Accredited Patrol Dog Initial Training Instructor.
• Selecting suitable dogs for patrol dog initial courses.
• Structuring patrol dog courses.
• Tutoring dog handlers.
• Writing weekly development reports on both handlers and k9s.
• Solve any training issues and create development plans.
• Responsible for first aid for the handlers and dogs.
• Responsible for any health and safety issues which may arise.
• Report any problems via line managers.
• Coordinate with assessor when dog teams are ready for assessment.
• Produce final course reports.
Passive Indication Dog Instructors Course.
• Safe handling and storage of Drugs / Explosives / Weapons
• Identify Drugs / Explosives / Weapons
• Search patterns High / Low risk
• Search types / body scanning / open area / building
• On / Off leash handling techniques
• Methods of focus training indication
• Canine First Aid: Including identifying canine diseases (Zoonosis)
• Problem solving
• Constructive report writing on dog teams
• Setting up hides for continuation training
• Odour imprinting on dogs
Home Office Accredited Patrol Dog Continuation Training Instructor.
• Responsible for continuation training to ensure a high standard of dog team to achieve annual licensing.
• Maintaining detailed record of dogs’ progress.
• Identifying development training.
• Solving training problems and making development plans.
Health and Safety Representative for the Dog Section.
• Report any health and safety matters which arise within the dog section
• Attend Health and Safety meetings
• Resolve and report on any issues raised by dog handlers
• Advise on update of health and safety documents or safe systems of work.
1992 to 1996 – H.M.P. Whitemoor/H.M.P.Wakefield
General Discipline Prison Officer Duties.
• Sex Offender Treatment Program Tutor
1984 to 1991 – British Coal – Safety Team/ Ventilation Officer

Education/Qualifications and Skills:
• GCSE’s English Language, English Literature, Mathematics and History.
• Driving License: Full license with own transport.
• Police Approved Passive Indication Dog Instructor (passed with Durham Constabulary).
• Tornado Trained Dog Handler (Riot Training).
• Home Office Approved Patrol Dog Handler.
• Home Office Approved Patrol Dog Instructor.
• Home Office Approved Dedicated Search Team Trained.
• S.O.P.T. Tutor.
• Certified First Aider.
• Presentation Skills.
• Health and Safety Rep Level 1 and 2.
• Canine First Aid.

Trained last patrol dog from a 7-week-old to a fully licensed patrol dog. Also, part trained search dogs in my own time and sold them to the Prison Service National Dog Training Centre, all of which went onto pass initial courses for either drugs or arms and explosive detection. Last 3 patrol dogs and passive indication drug dogs were sourced and trained by me up to fully operational. During this time, I also received a commendation from the Prison Service for finding a firearm within a top security prison and received long service and good conduct medal. Runner up in the Prison Service National Operational Trials.
Interest includes golf and football. Constantly seeking new challenges and hobbies. On dog related interests I am an active member of a “Schutzhund Club” and train and compete with my G.S.D which I have owned and trained from a 12-week-old puppy.

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