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About Us

K9-Trader personnel have more than 70 years combined experience in the selection, training, and deployment of working canines and programs. Our knowledge and experience also includes the sales and marketing professions. We have been Corporate Directors of Canine Operations, Canine Program Managers and Regional Sales Managers for large Multi-National Corporations and companies. Let our numerous contacts within the many canine training and deployment fields help you search, find, sell or source all of your green and trained working canine requirements.

What We Do?

K9-Trader is a proactive digital and social media marketing and sales service serving those within the canine training and related services industries.

K9-Trader is your one-stop shop to search, find, sell or source all of your green and trained working canine requirements.


Our story:

When looking to choose a canine company to conduct business with, most people want to know something about the professional background and experience as well as the ethics of those that own or are running the business. On this page, we have tried to give you, our potential client an idea of who we are both professionally and personally. K9-trader was founded and is owned by David and Lisa Brownell. We have been married since November 2012 and live just north of Dallas, Texas.
The idea and concept for K9-Trader literally came to me in a dream while Lisa and I were visiting one of our best friends, his wife and daughter in Maine in October 2017. I have spent over 11 ½ years working in Iraq and other high threat areas and I was looking for a way to return home for good so that Lisa and I could spend more time together as a family.
Like many of you in the canine training and services industry, we (K9-Trader) are a small grassroots business that we are building from the ground up by combining our passion for what we do backed by our, strong personal ethics, knowledge, skills, experience and lots of hard work and determination. Our goal for the business is to help bring together those buyers and sellers both large and small of the numerous different working canine disciplines on a global basis. For our business to be successful for our clients we believe that it needs to offer 3 objectives. 1. Be user-friendly to both buyers and sellers 2. Be effective 3. Be economic and offer value to our clients (buyers and sellers).

Our approach:

K9-Trader is a proactive digital and social media marketing and sales service serving those within the canine training and related services industries.
K9-Trader is more than a “passive” marketing approach where you are relying upon a viewer to see and read your ad on a Facebook or classified advertising page or website. The K-9 Trader website is a searchable database which allows you to search for a canine based upon the type of training, breed, sex, age, price, location, etc. This makes it faster and simpler (time is $$) to find the exact canine that you are looking for. In addition to placing your canine ad on our web site we will be proactively marketing your canines across all the social media platforms (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.) We also will be making personal one on one contact with potential buyers via our extensive contacts within the canine industry globally. Lisa has a very strong background in digital sales and marketing having spent more than 12 years working for a national corporation as one of their leading regional sales reps. By placing your ad with K9-Trader we become your personal sales and marketing resource which allows us to leverage our combined experience, skills and contacts to help sell not only your dogs but the services that your company may offer. We do not train and sell canines or canine service’s, so we are not a competitor, so as a client you can be assured that our first and only priority is helping you sell your canines and your companies services. We also offer featured, banner and video ads so that you can advertise and market your products and services to those that visit our site.We hope that you will give us the opportunity to gain not only your business but more importantly your trust that we will work hard for you and your success.


David & Lisa Brownell
Founders and owners of K9-Trader


David Brownell

David A. Brownell is a Canine Program Management consultant with Corvus Canine Consulting. Mr. Brownell brings over 35 years of local, national, and international experience in canine training, canine program management, security and emergency operations to the company. He has more than 11 ½ years working in Iraq as a contract Canine Handler, Trainer, Project and Program Manager. For almost six years, he served as the Canine Program Manager and Senior Canine Trainer for G4S/RONCO in Iraq and the Mideast region. In this capacity, Mr. Brownell was responsible for setting up and managing canine detector programs throughout the region for clients to include the Iraqi government, the US government, the United Nations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and commercial oil, natural gas, and petrochemical concerns. He managed the training of hundreds of detector dog teams (e.g., explosives, narcotics, insurgents, human remains) during this period. His background also includes prolonged stints as a US Army MP canine handler, a Schutzhund handler, a US FEMA disaster dog handler, and a SAR and HRD handler and trainer with a Dallas, Texas search organization. Mr. Brownell is also a certified Texas Police Instructor and has instructed and evaluated hundreds of Detector, SAR, disaster, and HRD dog teams at all levels, and taught numerous personnel at a myriad of canine seminars. Additionally, he has assisted in the development of detector dog programs and written standards for citizen, police, and government organizations. Mr. Brownell is well respected in the national and international canine detector community. He coauthored the Brownell-Marsolais Scale, an evaluation and screening instrument for the selection of search and detection canine candidates.

Lisa Brownell is an Experienced sales professional with 12 years in business-to-business sales and communications for a large national corporation. She is a proficient and accomplished professional with a proven ability to drive sales and business development, offering strategic vision and expertise in client relations, marketing, and revenue growth. A big picture, out-of-the-box thinker with the ability to build relationships over the phone and in-person. She holds strong moral and ethical values that drive the success of business communications, account management, building distribution networks, team engagement and organizational development.